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I'm Sophia.

I am a personal assistant, my job is to transform new and/or inexperienced escorts into in-demand exceptional courtesans.



How does this all work? I'll explain.

Independent escorting has two sides. There is the "on the clock time" you spend with your client. Nobody can do this part of the job but you. Then there is the "off the clock" work. The emails, the advertising, the marketing and writing, texts, references, confirmations etc.


This part of the job isn't for everyone. This industry becomes more and more saturated everyday and the off the clock work can turn into a full time job. This is where I come in. Whether you're a busy mom, or a student with no time, or just have no desire to do the administrative work, I make this industry so much easier and have been doing this for almost a decade.

I have client lists for multiple major cities, access to multiple national blacklists, and can spot trouble a mile away, simply by instinct. In this industry, you can't just post pics and go. To be able to charge high end rates, you need to be just a little special, just a little unique. I create that image for you.


I charge a percentage, NOT a fee, because it's impractical to charge each lady the same fee when each circumstance is different. And the ladies I work for find it more comfortable, since I only profit if they do.

Advantages of Independent vs an agency:

> You keep more of what you make

> You don't have set hours you have to work

> You approve or disapprove of any client without issue

> Not giving a dime of your money to a man

> You are in charge of your sucess

Disadvantages of Independent vs an agency:

You are in charge of your success <

You have to be organized <

You build your own reputation, not rely on your agency's <



Website Design

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization


Domain Registration and Privacy


Ad Account Setup

Social Media


Client Lists


Email/Phone Monitoring


Tour Planning

Hotel + Flight Booking



Real World Information

Blacklist Access

Appointment Check In/Check Out


Who are you?

You are between the ages of 20 and 35

You are driven, organized, and ready to work

You are in shape and committed to health

You have few or preferably no tattoos

You are colege educated, or have the social skills seem so

You're comfortable around older clientele, and not easily influenced


If you've read through and this all sounds interesting to you, you're ready to stop doing half hour specials on BP or working for an agency with creepy pushy guys in a shoddy apartment, if you're looking for quality clientele, we need to have a conversation. I can put you in contact with many ladies I've worked with, some who maybe have started off charge 200/hr and are now at 600/hr with steady clientele.

 Are you ready to make a change?